169.0 Lost 1.4 Pounds in One Day Eating Cookies

I lost 1.4 pounds yesterday and now weigh 169.0! I cheated a bunch, too: I lost count at 12 decorated sugar Christmas cookies. Well, I also walked two miles yesterday and did about 5 minutes on the stair step exercise machine, if you take them all together.

No, I did not expect to lose weight by eating more than 12 cookies. It was a planned cheat on my diet during keep trim eating. I was indulging.

But now that I see this result, I remember that lately, on low-carbohydrate message boards, I have heard people say they lose more when they eat more, after a long period of eating less.

I don't pretend to understand the science of it. I only know I ate more than a dozen sugar cookies made with butter and decorated with more sugar yesterday -- and lost 1.4 pounds.
I did not eat anything in the time period that started two hours before I went to bed. I walked a mile before lunch and then another mile an hour after lunch. I have read various theories on how this timing matters or doesn't matter. I am just adding this data to my record in case it might be significant.
Here is all I ate yesterday, and lost 1.4 pounds on keep trim eating:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
December 20 chocolate from my Advent calendar
1 slice of Christmas bread
5 decorated Christmas sugar cookies
(1 mile walk)
2 cups steamed broccoli with 1/3 cup grated Mexican Blend cheese melted over it in the microwave,
Diet Coke
5 decorated sugar Christmas cookies
(1 mile walk)
Baked chicken, onion and carrots, caffeine-free tea
At least 2 more decorated sugar Christmas cookies

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  1. Interesting. I don't think that your weight each day relates directly to what you ate the day before or didn't eat. Some days I eat perfectly, just according to my plan and still go up. For me, the fluctuations, up or down seem to be the aggregate of the last several days worth of behavior (eating and exercising or lack of). Hopefully you will figure out what works for you! Kudos on your success so far!


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