169.0 Keep Trim Day 11

It must be Christmas magic. I lost a pound yesterday even though the neighbor gave us a dozen frosted Christmas cookies just when I was relieved we had finished eating the ones I made! He says he made 1,000 of these and passed them out to the neighborhood.

He wants us to call him if we have a birthday and want a cake decorated. I won't be doing that, but here is my free advertisement for his work. It is beautiful! Reminds me of Peeta from "The Hunger Games" series of books by Suzanne Collins.

Maybe fighting off this cold helped me lose my pound yesterday. I sure didn't consciously fight very hard. I fell asleep at 6pm, woke up for an hour at midnight, and then slept till 7 am!

Up until I fell asleep, I was having lots of fun making my new Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G read to me! It read Ezekiel 29 to me and then most of Jane Austen's novel, "Persuasion."

At first I sampled one of the Audible Books, because I read they have better inflection. I much prefer the normal books that have "text-to-speech" enabled. That way, I can read the words myself as the Kindle reads them aloud. With the Audible books, the words do not appear on the screen. I find I comprehend better if I both hear and see the words, especially while reading my Bible. I paid $6 for the electronic Bible I loaded on my Kindle. All of Jane Austen's novels have passed out of copyright and are free. (Author's life plus 75 years)

Here is all the junk I ate yesterday and still lost a pound through Christmas magic, even without walking:

Small bowl of  Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
1 brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart
4 frosted sugar Christmas cookies
1 can Campbell's Healthy Request Chunky Old Fashioned Beef Soup (1 can = 2 servings)
Another brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart
Leftover baked chicken, onions and carrots, caffeine-free tea
2 more frosted sugar Christmas cookies

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