169.0 Keep Trim Day 13

Doing awesome at 169.0 pounds when my goal for this keep trim eating period is 171.4! Here I am in this photo in grey hand-me-down office pants in size 12, courtesy of Mom, who is now a size 6 and weighs 128! She is shorter than I, so that size looks good on her. You can tell she is my mom, though, because our legs are exactly the same length and we wear exactly the same size shoe.

After dinner last night I had a craving for cookies. Wouldn't you know, I remembered the slightly burnt Christmas cookies we had set aside to be dog treats. They didn't seem quite so burnt as they did when I had 6 dozen unburnt cookies at hand. I ate three and they were yummy! There are a few left, and I might have them with my coffee this morning.

We prayed and prayed for temperatures above freezing last night and this morning so that we wouldn't have to drive through ice or snow to take Scott to the doctor this morning. Praise God, it has been in the 40's this whole time! This is just a general practitioner visit today. Next week he starts physical therapy for his arm, so we will be praying for non-freezing weather on Jan 5th, too.

Here is what I ate yesterday and only gained .2 pounds on this keep trim day:

1 cup Special K, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
1 brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart
Leftover baked chicken, onion and carrots, Diet Coke
Another brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart
1 can Campbell's Healthy Choice Beef Soup (1 can = 2 servings)
3 slightly burnt decorated sugar Christmas cookies, caffeine-free tea

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