172.0 Too Fat To Wear Wedding Ring

My wedding ring and engagement ring almost fit. That was the saddest thing about my weight gain: not being able to wear the wedding ring Scott put on me when we got married. I have made do with other rings, but it is not the same. Soon I will be able to wear my "real" wedding ring, and on special occasions I will be able to get my engagement ring on. (Updated later with a photo of my wedding ring on!)

Another weight loss plateau: I walked more than a mile yesterday and only cheated a tiny bit, yet I remain at 172.0.

Below is a picture Scott took a few days ago, of me in one of the T shirts he used to wear on the submarine. He wasn't in the food service division, but he had to fill in there sometimes. Those of you who knew Scott then know how tiny skinny he was. Look, I fit in these T shirts! I wear them around the house all the time now. They are the only T shirts I have that are not huge on me.

Even though I am at a weight loss plateau, I can tell the diet is having an effect. My weight is redistributing itself in good ways. The pants I bought just a few days ago are fitting better in all the right places. They do say muscle weighs more than fat.

Here is all I ate yesterday and only managed to keep the weight off, not lose, even walking more than a mile:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk, black unsweetened coffee  
December 12 chocolate from my Advent calendar (cheat)
1 cup raw carrot sticks, 2 tablespoons Parmesan spinach dip, Diet Coke  
1 Tator Tot (cheat -- the lunch lady brought these out for the table where I was sitting with all the custodians!)
Leftover Chicken and Onion with carrots, caffeine-free tea

Edited months later to Add:

It feels like a night and day difference, wearing a real wedding ring instead of just whichever ring I had in my jewelry box that fit the ring finger on my left hand. I substitute teach, and a student even asked me how long I had been married, when I first showed up with a real wedding ring on my finger. He looked kind of surprised and puzzled when I told him I have been married 17 years. True, the ring is not the marriage, but it sure is a powerful image that tells people I am married.

I was too fat to wear my wedding ring for ten years -- so long that I lost it. I had to buy another one because I could not remember where I put it. The good news is that my new wedding ring is smaller than my original ring was! I got down to my goal weight of 145 in early march of 2012 and a month later I am still keeping the weight off.

I used to be too embarrassed to tell people why I took my wedding ring off. Now I am almost 50 years old and heck with being embarrassed. I bet I am not the only one who had to take a wedding ring off because of weight gain. If you have had to take yours off, keep track of it! Don't lose it. I am not going to name any specific place for you to put it because thieves read the Internet, too. Just keep a record of where you put it. Don't lose it! Losing my wedding ring is not as sad as being too fat to wear it, but it comes close.

My husband is much more sentimental that I am. He was really upset that I lost my ring. He was even happier than I was when I finally got down to my goal weight so that it made sense to buy a new one, though!

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  1. Wow look at you! I am so proud of you and impressed by you. :) Keep up the good work. I can't wear my wedding ring right now due to pregnancy weight and water gain so I know (somewhat) what that must feel like for you. Can't wait to get mine back on my finger again!


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