177.8 Lost 1.6 Pounds Yesterday

Eating salt gains me more weight than eating sugar, it seems like sometimes. I took it easy on the sodium yesterday, but ate the sugar, flour and fat I craved. Look, I lost 1.6 pounds. It was all water weight, of course, but sheesh! I will definitely be getting some of those low-sodium canned soups and frozen dinners. Thank you for the tip!
Some people think eating salt is good for you during hot weather. I learned otherwise in a Human Biology class, way back at Santa Monica College in 1985. Eating salt makes the human body need more water. This is because sodium is an electrolyte. Together with potassium, sodium conducts electricity along your nerve axons. At the time I took this class, the mechanism which balances sodium and potassium in the nerve cells was not entirely understood. It was nicknamed, "The sodium potassium pump." Anyway, eating salt (sodium chloride) makes you need more water.
I walked two miles yesterday. Here is what I ate and still lost 1.6 pounds:
Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
Half a Hostess apple fruit pie (Can you tell I love these?)
1 cup raw carrot sticks, 2 tablespoons Parmesan spinach dip, Diet Coke
1 slice American cheese
Leftover Chicken and Onion with baked carrots, caffeine-free diet soda

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