170.0 Merry Christmas!

My keep-trim goal is 171.4 and today I weigh 170.0. I am 1.4 pounds heavier than yesterday. I did not walk the dogs yesterday, and that is probably most of why I gained weight.
Yesterday afternoon I came down with a cold from being out in the 20 degree weather all day Friday on that theater assignment. My nose is runny and I am sneezing. I had to cancel my Christmas singing at both churches. This morning I awoke with a scratchy throat. I am drinking hot coffee and that feels great on my throat.
All our Christmas cookies are gone, and the Almond Roca Butter Crunch Cookie Bars, yay! They were fun while they lasted and I am really happy and amazed that I could incorporate them into my diet and not blow it! A planned cheat on my diet rules. No guilt.
We received some Christmas money in the mail Thursday, so yesterday we went shopping at Best Buy! We got an eInk eReader: the Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G with special offers. Here it is in this picture with a special offer for that Tattoo movie in my theater assignment. I downloaded all my favorite Jane Austen novels on it for free. They are so old they are out of copyright. We also got a Sony Tablet.

It had started snowing when we went out to the car, and it was a little slippery driving home. I was driving and I got a nice shot of adrenaline. We figure if we had stayed in the store 5 more minutes we would not have made it home. Only Scott knows how to put the chains on the tires, and he can't right now with his injured arm. All this happened before I started sniffling and sneezing yesterday.
Here is what I ate yesterday:
Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
the last chocolate from my Advent calendar
Half a dinner plate of combo pizza from Costco, Diet Coke
1 brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart, caffeine-free tea
Baked chicken, onions and carrots, caffeine-free tea
Another brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart

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