172.4 Comfy Size 12!

I lost .4 pounds yesterday and now weigh 172.4. I walked my mile. I spent $15 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and now have two warm size 12 pairs of corduroy pants and two size medium pairs of sweat pants -- one with the US Marines logo on it, Hoo Yeah!
Shopping is so fun now that I am a common size. It used to be I would slink into the store and hope to find one or two things that fit. Yesterday I found two whole racks of size 12 and could pick and choose only the things I liked that fit.
I am still 27.4 pounds away from my goal weight of 145, so I only bought 4 size 12 items. When I weigh 145 I will be at least a size 10, maybe even a size 8. Either way, that is a size medium! I have already bought two size medium pajamas and two size medium sweatpants. The pajamas are comfortable. The sweats are snug right now.
I want to emphasize that looks and clothes are not why I am losing this weight. Looks and clothes are just an extra added benefit. (A really fun one, though!)
I am losing this weight for my health. I had terrible headaches when I weighed 240. Mom says it was probably from high blood pressure. How scary is that? I have not had a headache since June! Also, my ankles used to hurt if I stood up for more than a few minutes, let alone walked. That was a problem whenever I had a substitute teaching assignment. Now, I can stand all day and I get tired but I don't ache. I am sure walking a mile every day is helping to build up my strength at the same time that dieting is helping to reduce my weight.

Here is what I ate yesterday and managed to lose .4 pounds, along with walking a mile:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
December 10 chocolate from my Advent calendar
1 salmon patty, 1 cup raw carrot sticks, Diet Coke
3 cups steamed broccoli, 1/2 cup grated Mexican Blend cheese melted over the broccoli
2 quarts of Spokane River water (The water here is the best I have ever tasted.)

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