171.8 Keep Trim Day 2 of 14

We baked Christmas cookies yesterday! We made traditional decorated sugar cookies and Almond Roca Butter Crunch Cookie Bars. I ate a bunch of them and am happy -- and I gained .4 pounds which I will lose today.
I am going to bring most of the Almond Roca Butter Crunch Cookie Bars to a church function this Sunday. They are ridiculously good but at 200 calories per serving they are too rich for my blood!
I walked my mile with the dogs in the semi snow. There is snow leftover on the ground in the baseball diamond of the park. It hasn't melted there. There are also chunks of ice in the grass. It is colder in the park than it is on the street.
Here is what I ate yesterday, the first keep trim day of this cycle, and gained .4 pounds:
1 cup Special K, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
The December 15 chocolate from my Advent calendar
A combo slice of pizza at Costco, with Tropicana light lemonaid
Leftover Chicken and Onion, caffeine-free tea
2 Almond Roca Butter Crunch Cookie Bars, 2 decorated sugar cookies

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