149.2 Another Coeur d'Alene Resort Photo

Mom, were you taking a picture of me, or of this awesome speed boat? Heh!  Good job getting both!

This is another photo of Mom and my day at the Coeur d'Alene Resort last Monday. She has been on the train sending me photos all along, but they all just arrived by email last night and this morning. Weird, but I couldn't deprive you of this great shot!

I maintained my weight perfectly yesterday at 149.2. I walked a mile in the park, shopped at Costco, and walked another 1/3 mile later with Scott. Here is what I ate:

Special K and organic soy milk
El Monterey beef and bean burrito with salsa
Apple, 2 tablespoons chunky peanut butter, 36 dark chocolate chips
3-bite sample of a Hagen Daz ice cream bar at Costco
Steamed broccoli and half a can of Amy's organic lentil soup
1/4 cup peanut M&Ms

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