148.0 Photoshop Elements 10 Manual Costs More than Application (Unless you buy it online)

You will see the irony in this doctored photo if you are familiar with the cover of this book I just picked up yesterday. This blog has been a great motivator for learning to manipulate photos. If you start at the beginning of my blog and browse just through my photos, you can see that in the beginning I barely knew how to use MS Paint, and now I am starting to learn Photoshop. Hopefully in a few months I will actually be posting some good stuff!

I bought Photoshop Elements 10 a few weeks ago from Amazon. The price fluctuates. I think I paid $40. I got the missing manual that should have been in the box yesterday at a brick and mortar Barnes and Noble for $44.99.


Ooh! See? My husband insisted we buy it at a brick and mortar store to support our local economy, but in so doing we paid twice what we should have for this book. You can get Barbara Brundage's missing manual for Photoshop Elements 10 online from Amazon for as little as $23.94 at this time. I am sure that fluctuates, but the program itself is $49.99 right now, making the title of this blog post not true if you buy both online. Live and learn.

I gained .2 pounds yesterday, but that is OK. At 148.0 pounds, I am still firmly inside my goal weight of 145 pounds to 149.9 pounds. For exercise, I walked the dogs 1.3 miles and I shopped at Walmart, Best Buy,  and Barnes and Noble. Walmart and Best Buy no longer carry software manuals, in case you were ever wondering about that. Here is what I ate yesterday while keeping the weight off:

Small bowl of Special K and organic soy milk
1/4 cup peanut M&Ms
El Monterey Beef, bean, and green chile burrito with salsa
Qdoba steak taco salad with no sour cream and no cheese, very light on the salad dressing
1/6 of Scott's chicken quesadilla, no sour cream and no guacamole

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