149.0 Cappelli Woven Toyo Bag With Beaded Handle

Thank you again, Mom, for this terrific summer purse you gave me for my birthday this year. I get more compliments on it than I have on any other purse I have ever had! All the ladies coo over how it goes with everything and how cute all the little gem-tone decorations are. I like the basket design, too.

I searched around trying to find a place to buy this purse online, but could only find some of Cappelli's other purses. Maybe this one is sold out. I did find it in hot pink, but that is not the "goes with anything" look we want, at all.


I gained 1.4 pounds yesterday, but I am still within my weight-loss goal of 145 to 149.9 pounds. I walked my mile with our dogs in the grass at the park. Here is what I ate:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries, and organic soy milk
El Monterey bean and cheese burrito with salsa
1/4 cup peanut M&Ms
Salmon patty on a bun with tartar sauce, steamed broccoli
Peanut Sweet and Salty Nut Bar
10 corn tortilla chips

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