179 Keep Trim Day 12 of 14

I gained .4 pounds yesterday, so today I am back to my maintenance baseline for this keep trim period: 179. I ate a lot of sodium yesterday, so I assume this is just water weight that will come off automatically if I drink enough water and don't overdo it on the sodium today.
With shopping and mall crawling before my movie started and then walking once round the park with the dogs, all in all I walked at least a mile yesterday. I went for the second time to see "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn." Scott and I had been once the day it came out, but there was so much going on in the movie that I wanted to see it again.
Here is what I ate yesterday:
1 cup Special K, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
1 cup pumpkin pie
Half a dinner plate of pizza, Diet Dr Pepper
1 can Progresso Beef Burgundy soup (1380 mg sodium!!!!)
1 brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tart, caffeine-free tea

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