180.2 Keep Trim Day 8 of 14

I gained that pound back yesterday, but it is coming right off again today. It was a planned cheat on my diet for Thanksgiving, so I feel no guilt and I relished each and every bite. I did walk my mile yesterday. It was a great Thanksgiving Day.

I woke up and had my usual breakfast of Special K, strawberries, soy milk and black unsweetened coffee. I took both dogs for a mile-long walk in the park. Scott is still staying home to nurse his right hand, but says it is feeling better than it was. He is starting to notice the sprains in his fingers, which he couldn't feel before because of the pain of his jammed elbow. He is afraid to go out because even a light touch on his arm or hand is painful. He likes to keep ice on it through the compression bandage, to help control the swelling, so padding his arm inside the sling won't work.

We had our Marie Callender's turkey TV dinners for lunch with a few Pillsbury crescent rolls. I had Diet Dr Pepper. The TV dinners were only 320 calories, but they had 1180 mg of sodium! Yikes! I had a piece of pumpkin pie for dessert with a pot of decaffeinated Good Earth tea.

We were all set to have another TV dinner for dinner, when our friends came earlier than I had hoped and brought us each a huge plate from the Thanksgiving dinner we were supposed to attend. I had given them a big pumpkin pie and some ice cream that I had bought to bring to the dinner. I was hoping for a plate for the dinner, but I didn't dare expect it, and not in time to have for dinner! That was such a nice surprise!

So, we pigged out on really moist home-cooked turkey, mashed potatoes, great gravy, stuffing, yams, green beans, rolls, and two pieces each of my pumpkin pie!

I am having no extras today, so I am hoping that pound will come right back off and tomorrow I will once again weigh 179.2. I still have 6 keep trim days left in which to accomplish that, if it doesn't happen by tomorrow, so I don't feel bad at all about enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving feast brought by a couple Christmas angels!

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