181.8 Diet Day 5 of 14

Today I weigh 181.8, which means I lost a pound yesterday, yay! I have a cold and it was 29 outside yesterday, so I didn't walk my mile. I did put in a few minutes here and there on our stair step exercise machine, though. I amused Scott by turning around on it and walking "down" after I had walked "up" the stairs for a few minutes. Walking "down" on a stair stepper uses different muscles than walking "up" uses.

My ankles are no longer swollen. Did I say that before? It is so wonderful to have thin attractive ankles once again, where I can see the little ankle bone on the outside. For the longest time my ankles were so swollen I didn't dare wear skirts or dresses. Losing 58 pounds has really helped with the swelling. I also can see my knees once again. They also used to be swallowed up, but just in fat, especially when I bent them. I still have a double chin, but it is much smaller than it was. My cheeks are smaller, too.

And of course in addition to looking better, I feel so much better I cannot even express it. Little aches and pains that I had in my ankles and my lower back are just gone. I have a headache right now because I have congestion with my cold, but for the most part my headaches are a thing of the past as well.

Here is what I ate yesterday and lost a pound, even without walking a mile:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk

Baked chicken, onion and mushrooms, 1 cup steamed broccoli

58 pounds lost and 37 more to go till I reach my goal of 145.

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