180 Jenny & Tyler

I gained .8 pounds yesterday, so I weigh 180 again today. I did not cheat on my diet, either. I am hoping this is just water weight gained from taking in too much sodium. I drank a lot of Diet Dr Pepper yesterday, so that could explain it. I hope it does. I will take it easy on the sodium today and hopefully tomorrow I will weigh 178 and be back on schedule.

I didn't walk yesterday because I taught and then rushed home to eat my soup before we tried to take Scott out for Veteran's Day. We went to a local restaurant that was feeding the veterans for free. We arrived there early, before 5pm, but there was already a line about half a block long outside the restaurant in the freezing cold! We would have stayed anyway, but we had tickets for a concert that started at 6:30.

The Sara Groves "Reason to Gather" concert was wonderful! It was at the beautiful Bing Crosby theater in downtown Spokane. Sara was touring with a young couple who both play guitar, sing and write their own songs, Jenny & Tyler. I liked their music even more than Sara's! Tyler sings melody and Jenny harmonizes beautifully. They sang a few songs that had a Celtic sound that I love. I bought their 2011 Christmas CD "Love Came Down" and their regular 2011 CD, "Faint Not."

I did not walk yesterday, but that should not have made me gain weight. Nothing I ate should have made me gain, either:

1 cup Special K, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
1 cup raw carrot sticks, 1/2 cup Parmesan spinach dip, Diet Dr Pepper
2 cups homemade low fat diet chicken soup (with very little salt), caffeine-free tea

[Edited later to add: 1/2 cup was way too much Parmesan spinach dip for one day. A serving is only 2 tablespoons, and has 230 mg of sodium and 100 calories. Part of the lifestyle change from fat person to skinny person is realizing how much of any food is too much. At the time I wrote this blog entry, I had not yet realized this.]

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