Day After Halloween

I am back to 186.4 today, a .6 gain on Halloween. This is OK with me, as this was a planned cheat on my diet during a keep trim eating period that started with me weighing 186.4. I have managed to keep off all the 50 pounds that I lost earlier in the year over one of the most challenging holidays, Halloween! We gave out all the candy last night over at a friend's house. I don't have any more at home to tempt me. Another friend posted on Facebook that she used the strategy of giving out candy she hates (so that it doesn't tempt her). Why didn't I think of that!

Halloween is just one tempting holiday based on food, though. I still have to keep this weight off over Thanksgiving, plus whatever weight I lose in the next dieting period from November 4 to November 17. It wouldn't be so tough if our holidays encompassed just one day. They encompass the entire month, though, typically, so far as all the tempting things people put out for foodies like me to eat.

I did not walk my mile yesterday. Here is all I ate and only gained .6 of a pound:

1 cup Special K, 1 cup soy milk, black unsweetened coffee (strawberries are on the shopping list)

1 cup carrots, 1/2 cup garlic / parmesan / spinach dip, Diet Coke

1 dinner plate of pizza, caffeine-free diet soda

6 fun size Halloween candy bars: 3 Twix, 2 Almond Joy and 1 Snickers

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