181.4 Diet Day 7 of 14

I weigh 181.4 today, which means I gained .2 pounds yesterday after eating only 897 calories. I am sick and I did not walk my mile. I did put in a few minutes here and there on the stair stepper, but I guess it was not enough. This could also be yet another weight loss plateau. I have not weighed less than 185 since 1997, so this is old stubborn fat that could take a few days to break down, I guess.

On the positive side, here is a picture Scott took of me on our stair step exercise machine. I think I look normal now, rather than fat. These are the 34 x 30 jeans I bought at Good Will a few weeks ago. I can wear them now, but I don't very often as the looser 36 x 30 jeans are more comfortable. I am still a loose size 16 on the bottom. I can squeeze into size 14, but it is not comfortable. On top I am a comfortable size 14. This sweatshirt I am wearing in the picture is a souvenir we got at Niagara Falls in August. I got it tight on purpose and now it fits well. It's a size 14.

Thank you for asking if I ever counted calories. That made me curious. I went to a web site that tells the calorie count when I input the food and portion. Calorie counts and nutrition information are per this website unless otherwise noted. Here is what I ate yesterday and how many calories it was:

1 cup Special K = 100 calories
1 cup soy milk = 100 calories (per the container)
1 cup strawberries = 49 calories

1 salmon patty = 170 calories (per the container)
10 Brussels sprouts = 80 calories
Diet Coke = calorie free but lots of sodium

7 meatballs = 378 calories (per the container) (yikes!)
1 cup steamed broccoli = 20 calories
caffeine-free diet soda = calorie free
= 897 calories for Wednesday November 9

On days when I had onion chicken or hamburger patties instead of those 7 meatballs I probably stayed closer to 700 daily calories. I am going to cut the meatball portion down to three meatballs, which will be 162 calories. That is closer to the 170 for the salmon patty.

So there you have it. Yesterday was a flop. Maybe tomorrow morning we will find out if it flopped because of a weight loss plateau or because I had been too lazy to look up how surprisingly many calories were in those meatballs!

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