180.4 Keep Trim Day 2 of 14

I jumped up 1.4 pounds yesterday? I barely ate any more than I have been eating, and I walked my mile. This is upsetting. I have got to figure out keeping the weight off, how to just stay at a certain weight without gaining or losing. I also refuse to be on a diet every single day of my life, which is why I love the Scarsdale Medical Diet and its "two weeks on, two weeks off" plan.

Here is all I ate yesterday, to gain that 1.4 pounds. Maybe once again it is just bloating from water retention from eating too much sodium. If so, it should come off easily:

1 cup Special K, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup soy milk, black unsweetened coffee
1 10 oz Tony's Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza (ack! 1160 mg sodium!), Diet Dr Pepper
Cheeseburger on a bun with BBQ sauce, 1 cup steamed carrot sticks, caffeine-free diet soda

Since the 1.4 pounds is probably from too much sodium, I will just limit sodium today and see if the weight comes off in the form of water. If it doesn't by tomorrow I will do diet days until it does come off. This is exactly the type of adjusting that I am supposed to be doing on keep trim days, to learn how to keep the weight off, which is arguably the hardest part.

Scott slipped on the ice and fell on his right arm last night. He says he heard something pop out and back into place. I elevated his arm, put it on ice and gave him a gram of acetaminiphen every few hours. He was able to sleep and he ate this morning. I think he will be OK. His arm is not noticably swollen. He wants to go get it x-rayed today, so I looked up a bunch of places that might be open on Saturday and take VA Health.

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