151.2 The Cookie Diet?

I lost .6 pounds yesterday eating cookies and Pop Tarts. It is almost frightening. Once I reach my goal, am I going to have trouble keeping my weight up? I was only trying to maintain, not to lose.

Thank God, the weather finally has turned and is in the 40s with rain instead of the 30s with snow. I no longer feel cold all the time or have chills from being thin.

I am losing weight on this indulgent keep trim eating, though, so I figure why not continue with it. I mentioned before that in the 1970s I had heard of The Cookie Diet. I never went on it or looked into what it consisted of, but it seems that now I am on it, heh!

We walked the dogs two miles yesterday. I made peanut butter cookies. Here is a picture of a few of them.

Here is all I ate yesterday and lost .6 pounds:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and vanilla soy milk
2 Brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts
Baked chicken, onion and carrots
4 Hershey Drops
Leftover chicken, onion and carrots
6 homemade peanut butter cookies

Well, I just looked up how the real cookie diets work, and I am not on one of them! They make "cookies" out of meals. They manufacture cookies that are really made of stuff that is good for you. You just grab one of their cookies whenever you feel hungry, instead of having to plan a meal. I am eating real cookies, and still losing weight. My way is better, Sanford Siegal! (Well, OK, Dr Tarnower's way is better.)

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