159.0 Diet Day 2 of 8

I lost 1.4 pounds yesterday while eating my Valentine's Day gift from my husband: chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries! I think it was mostly water weight from the salty lasagna I ate Monday night at my sister's birthday dinner. We walked the dogs two miles in the non-icy and non-snowy park. Here is what I ate yesterday and still lost 1.4 pounds:

Small bowl of Special K and soy milk
Three chocolate covered strawberries (100 calories each!)
Leftover baked chicken, onion and carrots
1 strip of bacon
Mushroom, onion and red pepper eggs scrambled in bacon grease (yum!)

I receive a bunch of "fat lady" clothing catalogs in the mail almost every day. It is satisfying to toss them. One of these days I need to tell them to stop delivery. I do receive a few catalogs that have "misses sizes," including Monroe and Main. I had a great time this morning looking through their catalog and noting that everything in there would not only fit, but would look good on me!

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