157.8 GAINED 2.2 Pounds Yesterday

I took a day off for a planned cheat on my diet yesterday for the ladies' Valentine's Banquet. Here is all I ate and GAINED 2.2 pounds, even though I walked 3+ miles:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and soy milk
7 Hershey's Drops

Salad plate full of cantaloupe, red grapes, and fresh pineapple
Tuna salad sandwich on thick wheat bread
Small chocolate heart

1 Costco combo slice of pizza

I was just trying to maintain, but I am amazed I gained two plus pounds. What an eye opener. I took it easy on the chocolate, but the fruit, bread and pizza crust snuck up on me. The fruit was by far the most enjoyable thing I ate yesterday.

Today will be a diet day, and half of tomorrow. Tomorrow evening we have a couples' Valentine's Banquet to attend. I guess I can only have one "normal" meal per day, if I want to keep my new trim figure.

Mom, I used the money you paid me for doing your resume to buy the outfit in this picture yesterday. The sweater set is size medium Spring Mercer and the pants are size 10 Gloria Vanderbilt. I got it all at Costco. I also got some Levi's, but although they did fit, they were way too young for me. I will return them.

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