152.6 My New Sweaters Fit!

Here I am in one of the women's size medium preppy argyle sweaters I bought last November. They fit! I am so happy! I will be wearing this outfit to teach high school freshmen science on Tuesday.

Yesterday started out as a diet day, but:

1) The Costco samples smelled way too good, and

2) I get cold easily now. I am thinking maybe I will hold on to these extra 7 pounds until the weather warms up a little. I am really cold and shivering whenever we go outside. My hands stay cold even inside my gloves. My body has not yet adjusted to being this thin, in the cold weather.

Here is what I ate yesterday and was able to maintain my weight perfectly at 152.6:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and vanilla soy milk

Scrambled eggs with garlic salt, fried red pepper and fried mushrooms -- no fat nor oil used in preparation

Costco samples: boneless skinless chicken breast marinaded in Korean spices and fried in Pam, chicken veggie patty, popcorn pepper shrimp fried in spicy sauce with stir fry veggies, raspberry scone

Sliced cucumber with balsamic vinegar, ham steak

I tried to tell myself those Costco samples had been my dinner, but I was really hungry after being outside in the cold. That is part of why I think holding on to these extra 7 pounds might be a good idea until spring when it starts getting warmer.

Spring is close. The birds are already singing in the trees outside our back door, whenever I let the dogs out to do their business.

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