152.6 Old St Patrick's Dress Fits!

Here is my old St Patrick's Day dress that once again fits! I bought it at Express in 1989, right before I started substitute teaching. It is size medium (8/10). It was even bigger in the waist before I took it in. It is a modern Victorian style dress with covered buttons up the back and elaborate sleeves. It is wrinkled from being in a box for 10 years.

The last time I remember wearing it was to sub on St Patrick's Day at Forks High School in 1997. One of the students said it was cool that my name was Mrs Kelley and I was wearing Kelley green. Ever since then, I have written my name on the white board in green dry erase marker.

I walked my dog 2 miles in the park yesterday. I lost 1.2 pounds of water weight that I had gained from that Marie Callender's frozen dinner on Wednesday. I still have 1.4 pounds of that to lose.

Here is all I ate yesterday and lost 1.2 pounds (which was probably water weight from eating too much sodium the day before):

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and organic soy milk
Three scrambled eggs with fried mushrooms and red bell peppers
Cajun breaded oven fried trout, steamed frozen stir fry vegetable mix
One Nature Valley Oats N Dark Chocolate granola bar
4 Hershey Drops

I am so glad we did not buy the huge box of 96 of those Nature Valley Oats N Dark Chocolate granola bars. We could not taste the chocolate in them. It was very disappointing. I had to have the Hershey Drops afterward just to calm my disappointment.

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