156.8 Valentine Banquet Picture with Scott

There were 27 of us at the Valentine's Banquet and we all had a great time. It was a buffet. I stuck pretty closely to the keep trim eating rules, but I did have dessert. After dinner we had a sermon, a song and a numbered gift exchange. Someone was nice enough to take this picture of Scott and me together.

The numbered gift exchange was a fun addition to this Valentine's Day party. We did not do a white elephant where you can steal each other's gifts. We just each brought a gift that got numbered as we set it down. There were numbers at our places that determined which gifts we brought.

The only wrench in those works was some gifts were meant for a certain sex. The giver would call out if the host was about to give a boy gift to a girl or a girl gift to a boy. The host would set that gift aside and get back to that person once a sex appropriate gift had been set aside. The host brought two extra gifts just in case.

We were at Walmart again yesterday a few hours before the party, buying those gifts. I bought a potted mini rose plant in a cute ladybug pot. Scott bought a water proof box. There was a limit of $6 on each gift. I received a gift card for a local coffee house. Scott received a pocket knife.

We did not get to our walk in the park with the dogs yesterday. We were going to and then we remembered we had to shop for those gifts. Here is all I ate yesterday and only gained .4 pounds, even without walking:

(I slept through breakfast.)
Healthy Choice Golden Roasted Turkey Breast frozen dinner (280 calories, 500 mg sodium)
1/4 plate medium grilled steak
1/4 plate cucumber salad pre-dressed with oil and vinegar
1/2 plate cooked broccoli, cauliflower and carrots
6 breaded fried ochra
Dessert bowl full of shortcake and cherry pie filling
From Scott's plate:
bite of mashed potatoes and gravy
bite of brownie
bite of fudge


  1. Could you share with me how you manage to sleep through breakfast? LOL - I can rarely manage to sleep past 7 AM any more :(

  2. I was up till 1 am the night before. The whole story is in yesterday's blog post. ;)


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