146.4 No Cheese Omelette

I made this no cheese omelette for my lunch yesterday.

The trick is to fry bacon in the pan first so that there is an adequate base of fat for the eggs to not stick. I fried bacon and took it out to drain on paper towels. Next, I sauteed onion in the bacon grease on low heat. After about 90 minutes I added sliced mushrooms and sauteed them for 10 minutes.

Lastly, I beat three eggs in a cup with a pinch of garlic salt and then poured them into the sauteed veggies. I tipped the frying pan so that the eggs spread out. I let them cook for a minute, and then turned them over to cook on the over side for a minute. Here they are plated with salsa. They were good!

We went to a dinner party at Valley View Baptist Church last night. We had already eaten dinner because we didn't realize it was a potluck. Still, we had dessert. I went a bit overboard on it and gained .6 pounds. Today will be a diet day. Here is what I ate yesterday:

Small bowl of Special K and organic soy milk
No Cheese Omelette with three eggs, onion, bacon and mushrooms
Baked chicken, cauliflower, carrots and onion
Huge slice of lemon bundt cake and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream

We walked the dogs 30 minutes around the neighborhood yesterday.

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