147.8 Shorts and Bacon!

It is very easy to reward weight loss with clothes if you buy them used. I tell you, I am ready for summer! You can't quite tell in this photo, but these plaid things are shorts. They have the cutest row of buttons down the outsides at the cuffs, too. They were less than $2 at the Good Will Store last week. This Danskin tank top was less than $1.

We walked the dogs 2 miles round trip to the post office yesterday to mail in our taxes. All I could think was, "I wish it were summer so we didn't have to bundle up so much!" It was much more fun walking around town than walking round the park. Now that the ice is melted, we have decided to go exploring on our walks.

This morning's weigh-in at 147.8 verifies that yesterday's high weigh-in was because my bowels were full. Still, I am going to drop a few more pounds so that no matter what, I will weigh in below 150.

Here is what I ate yesterday and lost a pound, along with walking 2 miles:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and vanilla soy milk
2 slices of bacon
3 Eggs scrambled in bacon grease with onions, mushrooms and red bell pepper

If you're panicking because I am eating bacon, then read this declaration by heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell. He says animal fats are healthy and it is processed vegetable fats we should limit in our diets. Here is a quote that summarizes his main points:

‎"Simply stated, without inflammation being present in the body, there is no way that cholesterol would accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel and cause heart disease and strokes... What are the biggest culprits of chronic inflammation? Quite simply, they are the overload of simple, highly processed carbohydrates (sugar, flour and all the products made from them) and the excess consumption of omega-6 vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower that are found in many processed foods."


  1. Super-inspirational! You look GREAT!

  2. Thank you, Kim. :) I am still shocked every time I look down at my skinny legs!

  3. Just had a minute to check in! You look fantastic! What a journey! Congratulations!

    And yes, Dr. Dwight Lundell is right! I also eat real butter, bacon, even lard at times in small quantities or cold pressed vegetable oils. The so called refined vegetable oils are produced after the cold and hot pressing and then from the left-over pulp the rest of the oil is extracted with chemicals. Most unhealthy.

    As you, I prefer the "real" food!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, you are great!

    Love, Antje

  4. Thanks, Antje. :) And, thanks for stopping by!


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