147.8 Buff Arms and Stone Walls

Not sure how I feel about my belly button hanging out under this summer top, but there it is. I bought the top at the Good Will Store for 99 cents. These are the Classic Gap 1969 jeans I bought there for about $5. I am just modeling them here. It will be at least May before it is warm enough in Spokane to wear summer tops outside.

I love how my arms are shaping up!

I have been on the Total Gym for at least one set a day for a week now. My legs and lungs get plenty of exercise when we walk the dogs, but my arms need work. It feels really good when I work out of my arms all the acid that builds up while I sit at the computer most of the day. The Total Gym is great because it forces me to stretch during my workout. We got our Total Gym used a few years ago, off a classified advertisement in our local newspaper online.

Yesterday we walked the dogs down to an old plot of land where there are still stone walls. The plot is on the market, and so we explored into it a bit. We followed the old wagon wheel ruts to where the original stable is falling down. We looked in from outside and saw 1970s stereo speakers and other signs that someone had once lived inside. Sadly, the 1850s house is gone and a 1940s house stands there with windows boarded up. It was a fun adventure!

I shopped yesterday at Northwest Christian Thrift Store in Spokane. Wow! It is so big that I was not able to look at all the clothes they had in my size in the three hours I was there. I bought a slip, some pajamas, a pair of Calvin Klein khakis and two nice summer dresses suitable for church. I spent $21.04. I will have to go back there some time. They also have all the stuff Target and Walmart have: furniture, dishes, books, electronics, toys... all well organized. They have about three times as much clothing as all the other thrift stores in town.

Here is everything I ate yesterday and lost .2 pounds:

Two small bowls Special K, blueberries and vanilla soy milk
Raw carrot sticks and 2 tablespoons Parmesan spinach dip
Leftover half Qdoba steak quesadilla
(I did not eat the guacamole or sour cream this time, Mom. Nor the cookies.)

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