148.8 Rings and Weight Gain, Loss

Rings distress me almost as much as pants, around weight gain and weight loss. Bless you, Mom, for giving me this heart-shaped opal ring a few years ago. It is one of only two rings that won't fall off my wedding ring finger now! You gave me the other ring, too. It is large, flat and silver with a small amethyst. They were both pinkie rings on me at the time.

I remember the day I took off my plain gold wedding band because it was too tight. I was at work as an adjuster at Farmers Insurance. My supervisor remarked that my wedding ring was going to get stuck on my hand if I didn't take it off, so I did. I could only have put it in my purse or in my brief case. I have searched through all my purses, so I must have left it in my company brief case when I left the company; I can't find it.

Scott and I bought our plain gold wedding bands at the Navy Exchange on Submarine Base Bangor in Silverdale, WA in 1994. They cost $85 each. Scott still wears his. We recently priced plain gold wedding bands at Costco and they are $300! I might check some local pawn shops. Scott still hopes we will find my old wedding ring.

So, ever since I took off my plain gold wedding band, I have been wearing whatever ring I have that will fit on my wedding ring finger. You can read about the silver Celtic knot ring I wore for a long time. I do feel blessed. As I lost the weight I would mysteriously unearth a ring I had forgotten about, and it would fit perfectly.

I am making an effort to get all my rings, bracelets, necklaces and pins into one box for easier finding and less losing. I tend to stash them in little pretty boxes all over the house. That might have worked OK if we hadn't moved 8 times since 1994.

We walked the dogs two miles in the thawed out park last night. I maintained my weight under 150! I enjoyed coffee hour at church. Everyone was surprised when I went ahead and had a cookie. I ate some of the carrots they brought just for me, but I explained, "I am done!" My pastor joked that it was good I wasn't going anorexic.

Here is what I ate yesterday:

2 Small bowls of Special K and vanilla soy milk (4:30 am and 9:30 am)
1 Homemade chocolate dipped shortbread cookie
Handful of raw carrot sticks
1 Microwaved frozen bean and cheese burrito with 3 tablespoons salsa
3 Homemade powdered sugar cookies
3 Mozzarella ravioli samples at Costco: spinach, mushroom and chicken
8 Lobster ravioli with 1 tablespoon homemade pesto sauce and raw carrot sticks

Net weight gain: .2 pounds

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