148 I Do Still Read

Look how small and dainty my arm is! That is what I liked about this picture. I am reading a Louis L'Amour novel that Scott correctly thought I would like (Bendigo Shafter), while my Kindle sits idly by. I am wearing second hand BDG jeans in size 31. I sit in this chair with my feet up for at least an hour each evening.

I took it easy on the sodium yesterday, and sure enough 1.4 pounds came off. Almost for sure it was water I retained from eating sodium laden fast food on Thursday.

We walked the dogs down the street yesterday to the home of some people who go to the nearest of the two churches we attend. They invited us in for tea. We tied our dogs up in their yard and had a nice visit. After that, we walked the dogs two miles in the park.

My Mom's congratulations gift of the TJ Maxx gift card came in yesterday's mail -- only she sent TWO gift cards! She says one is for spring clothes and the other is for fall clothes later. We agree I should get down to 145 before I shop with them. Thanks again, Mom!

Here is what I ate yesterday and lost 1.4 pounds:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and vanilla soy milk
Salmon patty, 2 cups steamed frozen stir fry vegetable mix
Half a pound of trout breaded with Louisiana fish fry and oven fried in butter, steamed broccoli

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