150.0 Resolve to Walk More

This is what I look like this morning as I prepare to go teach science. I used to fill this extra large cotton turtleneck. Now it hangs loose on me.

I was putting my Kindle Keyboard 3G in my lunch this morning and I realized I didn't even read it at school yesterday. I walked every spare minute. This is definitely a lifestyle change -- for the better! I need to walk every spare minute at school on these days when it is too icy to walk after dark and I have writing client meetings after school. I still packed my Kindle in my lunch out of my fear of being caught waiting somewhere with nothing to read.

I lost .4 pounds yesterday. I walked 40 minutes. I still need to calibrate my pedometer so that I can use that to know how far I walk, but really the minutes should suffice. I vaguely remember a doctor telling me to get 30 minutes of exercise every day, years ago when I was overweight. (Heh!)

Here is everything I ate yesterday, and lost .4 pounds:

Small bowl of Special K and vanilla soy milk
4 Powdered sugar cookies
Raw carrot sticks and 2 tablespoons Parmesan spinach dip
Leftover baked chicken and steamed Kirkland stir fry frozen vegetable mix

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