149.4 Size 8 Hippie Jeans

I returned that one new size 10 outfit I bought last month. Last night I spent $21 of those $47 at the Good Will Store to buy a bunch of size 8 clothes: real hippie jeans, 4 summer shirts, 2 pair of shorts and a pair of work pants. We took photos of all these outfits. I will post them over the next few days.

Here are pictures of my "new to me" Gap Classic 1969 jeans. After Scott took these pictures, I hemmed them under where they are turned up. I tried on more than 50 pairs of washed used jeans in order to select some that fit comfortably. These jeans feel like I wore them in personally!

Here is everything I ate yesterday, and maintained my weight under 150:
Small bowl of Special K and vanilla soy milk
Raw carrot sticks with 2 tablespoons Parmesan spinach dip
Treats in the teacher's lounge: 1 Oreo ball and 4 Nilla wafers dipped in white chocolate
Hamburger patty, 2 tablespoons BBQ sauce, steamed frozen stir fry vegetable mix

I hadn't heard of an Oreo ball before one of the teachers brought them as treats yesterday. She explained they were Oreo cookies crumbled up and combined with cream cheese, then formed into balls and dipped in chocolate shell.

In keeping with my lifestyle change, I walked the halls during the regular teacher's preparation period yesterday. I used to sit and read during breaks. Walking the halls helps me meet more people, in addition to getting me exercise. Scott and I also walked the dogs two miles in the park, by moonlight.

Guide to Thousands of Unlisted Job Openings in the US!

Do you know anyone who is over 40 and has a college degree, but no job? I wrote this book for them. Tell them about it, or better yet, buy them a copy. Turnover is high in these jobs, so there are almost always openings. With this guide, a substitute can do the job so well they actually like it. I do.

I hope you will at least "look inside" the high school substitute teacher's guide I wrote. The free book sample you get by "looking inside" tells you not only how to get a job as a substitute teacher, but also my qualifications to write the book: my education and detailed substitute teaching work history (since 1989).

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