148.6 Weight Loss Like Time Travel

Here are two size 8 sun dresses I made for meeting Scott's submarine in Hawaii in 1995. That was such a wonderful romantic four days! We just got used to the sweetness of reunion and then he was back out to sea.

I am so thrilled that the dresses fit once again! It's like time travel. Unfortunately, the dresses are no longer wearable. They have stains on their backs from water getting into their storage container. It was really fun to put these old dresses on and pose for Scott to take pictures, though!

I lost .8 pounds yesterday even though I ate 9 powdered sugar cookies. I was just hoping to maintain at under 150, but I will take the weight loss because it means I have that much more of a cushion for staying under 150.

Keeping the weight off is the hardest part, of course. My strategy is going to be eating as if I were still on the diet for most meals so that I can have one "normal" meal a day or little desserts throughout the day.

We walked the dogs 2+ miles in the mostly thawed park yesterday. Spring is trying to come! Most of our snow melted yesterday. The birds are singing outside. It stayed above freezing last night and during the days it has been in the high 40's. It would be fine with me if we didn't get any more snow or freezes this year. Just fine!

Here is what I ate yesterday and managed to lose .8 pounds:

Small bowl of Special K with dried berries in it and vanilla soy milk
Half a can (1 serving) Campbell's Healthy Choice Split Pea and Ham Soup
3 powdered sugar cookies
1 slice of fried bacon
3 eggs scrambled in bacon grease with fried onions, mushrooms and red bell peppers
6 more powdered sugar cookies

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