147.2 Juniors Clearance Section

I found something else to wear with these Egyptian pattern jeans! How do you like my new oatmeal colored puckered sweater? It is from the juniors clearance section at TJ Maxx, size XL in juniors. They only had white and two different tan colors, and this was the only color that looked good on me. Turns out I can wear it with my favorite jeans! Yay! And -- it only took $7 off my gift card.

For those of you scoffing at me for buying from the clearance section: do you realize what a victory that is for me? The juniors clearance section, no less. It used to be I had to buy whatever I could find in size 20 and pay whatever it took to get that. For some dumb reason, clothing designers assume if you wear size 20 you like ugly clothes, too.

We walked the dogs to a vacant car lot about half a mile away yesterday and then around and around the lot. Scott wanted to try and wear their nails down on the asphalt so he didn't have to trim them.

It had snowed in the morning, but the snow had melted by then and it was just sprinkling, so the walk was pleasant. I wore two sweaters and my parka. The temperature was 43. Nice first day of spring, eh? Spring here in Spokane means the snow probably won't stick for long.

I gained .6 pounds yesterday. Here is what I ate:

2 small bowls of Special K and organic soy milk
2 pieces of bacon
Eggs scrambled in bacon grease with a whole onion fried in bacon grease
Breaded chicken patty and 6 chunks of canned pineapple
Another small bowl of Special K and organic soy milk

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