147.4 The Hunger Games Costume?

Every time we go to Wal-mart, I admire this camouflage jacket with the leaves sticking out of it. I think it is adorable! I haven't thought of a reason to buy it, though. No clue where I would wear it. I wouldn't be able to shoot a poor deer even if I were to shell out $287 for a deer hunting license.

Maybe this Halloween I will buy one of these cute leafy camo jackets and wear it as a costume for being Katniss Everdeen of "The Hunger Games." Her character is an excellent hunter with bow and arrow, reminiscent of Diana from Roman mythology. In the trailer for the movie that comes out March 23, Katniss wears all black with a brown leather coat. I always pictured Katniss in camouflage while I was reading the books, though. Do they have these jackets at your Wal-mart, or just in areas with deer to hunt?

For sure, a guy who wants a Peeta Hunger Games costume should wear camouflage. I won't say more than that because I don't want to spoil the movie for you, if you haven't read the books. Peeta definitely is a camouflage guy.

We bought me this medium camouflage T shirt new at Walmart a few months ago. We had faith that it would soon fit, and how it does!

We walked half a mile into town yesterday in the pouring rain and 37 degree air. We foolishly did not wear our waterproof snow pants. My legs got wet and cold in these jeans, so we turned back. I lost the pound I set out to lose, though, and then some!

Here is everything I ate yesterday and lost 1.4 pounds, along with walking a mile wet in 37 degree weather:

Small bowl of Special K, blueberries and organic soy milk Baked chicken, onion and carrots 1 strip of bacon 3 eggs scrambled in bacon grease with garlic salt, red peppers and portobello mushrooms

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