Valley View Baptist Church Spokane

Valley View Baptist Church
6006 E 8th Ave
Spokane, WA 99212

Updated June 25, 2013: Coffee and donut fellowship starts at 10:30 Sunday morning, and worship starts at 11. In the winter, we have Bible study Wednesday evenings at 6 pm here at the church. This is our potluck table. We have these potlucks after church on the second Sunday of every month. There is room for 50 people, and lots of food, so stop on by!

Valley View Baptist Church is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. It's a literal Bible-believing church that teaches you must be born again in order to go to Heaven.

It's an adorable little church. Christian guitarist and singer songwriter Doug McCleary sings a few of his original songs some Sundays, and a few other singers pop up now and then. We have a piano, but no one to play it, so we sing our hymns along with a karaoke machine that projects the words onto the front wall. Some of the elders think we need to buy a movie screen, but I think the wall is fine.

We have three pastors: Barry Sherwood is the senior pastor who preaches most often. Charlie Staley or Dick Vaughn fill in if Barry is absent. Charlie Staley is also a chaplain for race car drivers, and his sermons are always exciting. All the sermons and everything we do is based on the Bible.

Sometimes, Scott and I (51 and 50) are the youngest people at Valley View Baptist Church. Lately though we have been joined most Sundays by a family with young children! Often, someone's grand-kids come and bring the great grand-kids. On days when we host our sister church, St Matthews Institutional Baptist Church of Spokane (509) 535-6926, there are many young people. Pastor Barry's wife Dolly always offers to take little kids downstairs to the play room during the sermon.