147.8 Cart of Geese

I photographed this cart of geese at the man store the other day. They are just dummies for a store display, but a cart of geese is not something you see every day. It's not officially called the man store, either, but that is what I call the place. They have everything a man could ever want in this life, well, except women.

We had thunder this morning for about an hour, from 3 to 4 am. The dogs would not quit barking at it. We would just get them settled down, and then the thunder would start in again. Then, at 4 the sun came up. So, I am up really early on a Sunday morning. At least it isn't icy out.

I walked the dogs a mile in the park yesterday. I maintained my weight exactly. Here is what I ate:

Sliced Fuji apple candied with 4 tablespoons chunky peanut butter and 36 dark chocolate chips
Bean and cheese burrito with salsa
5 mini York peppermint patties
Chili dip:
Half a can of Cattle Drive chili with beans, half a red bell pepper sauteed in a pat of butter, 3 slices of American cheese
I ate the chili dip with a cup of corn tortilla chips.

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