149.0 Bright Cloud Pineapple Spokane

 I know. I know. I am obsessed with clouds. More like with photographing clouds. I just had to pull over and snap this yesterday on my way home from buying Washington Fuji apples at Wal-mart. This is the sun shining through a cloud and suffusing it with rainbows. It cast rainbow bits around it, too. You can see a rainbow bit on the right edge, where I have cropped the photo. See it? See the rainbow in the stem of what looks like a bright cloud pineapple?

Of course, this was even more magnificent in real life. The naked eye sees rainbows better than the camera, I think. And it was constantly changing. At first, the rainbows showed up in the bottom of the pineapple. The locals here in Spokane make fun of me for paying so much attention to the clouds, but man, I can't help it. This place has the most beautiful cloud phenomena I have ever seen, almost every day.

I lost .4 pounds yesterday, eating Papa John's pizza -- just not very much of it. We walked the dogs a mile in the park. Here is everything I ate yesterday and lost .4 pounds:

Small bowl of Special K and organic soy milk
Sliced Fuji apple candied with 4 tablespoons chunky peanut butter and 36 dark chocolate chips
Bean and cheese burrito with salsa
Leftover baked chicken and carrots with half a can of Amy's organic lentil soup
1/4 dinner plate of Papa John's pizza, "The Works"

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