147.8 Rain Puddles in June

Here we are, walking in the park last Saturday. I'm wearing boots because it had rained in the morning. The grass was wet and there were puddles. Where else but in WA do you get rain puddles in June? :) These are size 8 stretchy skinny jeans, or stovepipe jeans, as Mom says they used to be called.

My weight crept up another .4 pounds yesterday, but I am still within my goal weight of 145 to 149.9. I walked the dogs 1.3 miles. Here is what I ate:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
2 maple bars at church
Baked chicken and veggies
Fuji apple with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Yes, I know, I probably should only be having one "candied" apple per day, and cut back on the maple bars to only one, when I have them.

My birthday is coming up soon, and already I am thinking on what kind of cake to get, and when to get it so that I can share it with the folks at church. Next weekend, on the 10th, is a good candidate for the time to do this, as our sister church St Matthews of Spokane will be coming in the evening for a joint service at Valley View Baptist Church Spokane. I have been asked to lead one of the songs we will all sing together.

Anyway, I do not want a repeat of Scott's birthday, when we had too much leftover cake and I ate 6 pieces and had a sugar hangover the next day.

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