147.8 Lost a Pound Without Trying

I lost a pound yesterday, without even trying. My new lifestyle is working. It is maintaining my weight for me, with really little effort on my part. And no drugs. I barely even take Tylenol any more.

So, what is this new lifestyle? An active one. I go outside and walk as fast as I can for at least 20 minutes every day, come rain, shine, snow or hail. I actually like walking on the cool overcast days the best. I don't mind the rain. I have a raincoat and waterproof boots.

In addition to walking, I do all my own housework. Yes, housework is exercise. We used to belong to a country club, but I actually get more exercise now. They published my 'housecleaning as exercise' story on Yahoo! Finance. I get a little kickback if you read it there.

Yesterday, I walked each dog for 15 minutes, for a total of 30 minutes of brisk walking. I cut weeds by hand, out in this yard you see me pictured in. I also shopped at Wal-mart, which is some walking, too, especially because I always park as far away from the front of the store as I need to in order to avoid all those fender benders that try to happen near the entrance. In addition, I did laundry, which means going up and down the basement stairs, and generally scrubbed, picked up, and straightened. I often forget to mention here the exercise I get from housework and yardwork.

Exercise is most of the secret to my weight loss. New eating habits are part of it, too.

Cookies are only for Christmas. Cake and ice cream are only for birthdays. I think I'm going to dub the 4th of July for pie. :) The point is, I don't keep cookies, cake, or ice cream in the house for everyday consumption. Instead, I eat fruit when I want a treat (OK, and a little candy). Lately, I have been on an apple kick. Before that, it was blueberries. Strawberries had their turn, as well. I have a little chocolate or peanut butter or Special K with my fruit, to dress it up. But the fruit is the main treat. The other things just jazz it up a bit. Here is what I ate yesterday:

Sliced Fuji apple candied with 4 tablespoons chunky peanut butter and 36 dark chocolate chips
4 mini York peppermint patties
2 slices of Costco combo pizza
Half a can of Amy's organic lentil soup over steamed broccoli (yum!)
Sliced Fuji apple candied with 4 tablespoons chunky peanut butter and 36 dark chocolate chips

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