Happy Halloween

My weight today is 185.8, a .4 pound gain from yesterday. This is fine, though, as this is a keep trim eating period that started with me weighing 186.4. I walked my mile yesterday.

Now that I have lost more than 50 pounds, I have noticed lately that my ankles are no longer swollen. They swelled up about 10 years ago after I went jogging in bad shoes. The doctor said I had sprained both ankles and to take it easy on them. We moved soon after that and there was no way to take it easy on my ankles. They had been swollen until just recently, for 10 years. When I say I feel better and I am losing this weight for my health, not my looks, I really mean it.

I had lots of candy last evening while Scott and I watched "Pretty Woman" and "The Ugly Truth" on Lifetime: 4 fun size Twix and 1 .6 ounce Almond Joy. This was a planned cheat, so I feel no guilt. I enjoyed every bite.

Here is all else I ate yesterday. I ate mostly as if on the diet, to compensate for the Halloween candy I knew I would be eating that evening:

I had two breakfasts of 1 cup Special K and 1 cup soy milk, both with black unsweetened coffee. I ate a small snickerdoodle cookie at church coffee hour.

Lunch was a cup of raw carrot sticks dipped in half a cup of garlic / parmesan / spinach dip along with Diet Coke.

Dinner was half a dinner plate of pizza and a cup of steamed Brussels sprouts and broccoli along with caffeine-free diet soda.

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