145.6 Still Sick

Yuck, I am still sick with this cold, sneezing and nose running all the time. It is giving me a sinus headache. I might give in and take some Tylenol for the headache. I was trying not to suppress my immune system with drugs, but there isn't much it can do against a virus, anyway. A virus just has to run its course. I did take my temperature and it is a steady 98.6, which says to me it is probably a virus, not a bacterial infection.

I didn't get much exercise yesterday. I stayed inside so that my body would not have to spend any energy keeping me warm and could give all its got to getting me well. I went up and down the basement stairs a few times, doing laundry. I did a minute or so on the stair step exercise machine.

Here is what I ate and gained 2 pounds, which is OK because I was below goal:

2 small green apples with peanut butter and bittersweet chocolate chips
3 servings of sweetened instant oatmeal
2 cups of corn tortilla chips
2 pieces of Costco combo pizza
Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk