145.6 Still Sick

Yuck, I am still sick with this cold, sneezing and nose running all the time. It is giving me a sinus headache. I might give in and take some Tylenol for the headache. I was trying not to suppress my immune system with drugs, but there isn't much it can do against a virus, anyway. A virus just has to run its course. I did take my temperature and it is a steady 98.6, which says to me it is probably a virus, not a bacterial infection.

I didn't get much exercise yesterday. I stayed inside so that my body would not have to spend any energy keeping me warm and could give all its got to getting me well. I went up and down the basement stairs a few times, doing laundry. I did a minute or so on the stair step exercise machine.

Here is what I ate and gained 2 pounds, which is OK because I was below goal:

2 small green apples with peanut butter and bittersweet chocolate chips
3 servings of sweetened instant oatmeal
2 cups of corn tortilla chips
2 pieces of Costco combo pizza
Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk


  1. Cherise, I hope you feel better soon! Maybe you can have your hubby make you some chicken soup :)! btw... Good job keeping the weight off, you look great! I am sure your husband is enjoying your weight loss : ) I am also starting to lose and I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. I will continue reading your blogs which seem to help me keep committed and inspired. God bless you!


  2. Thanks so much, Patty. Knowing you are reading my blog helps keep me focused on keeping the weight off! Glad to hear you are losing! Yay!


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