145.2 Nothing Beats a Dog Smiling!

The funniest thing about this picture is the camera was on a timer, resting on a wall. There was no one to smile at. My dog smiled at the camera because I smiled at the camera! True story!

On the one hand, this brown dog, Raffle, is so in tune with us, his humans, it is eery. He is one of those dogs who is eager to please and anxious to do everything you ask him to do. He is the most obedient dog I have ever seen. A cashier at Pet Smart tried to give Raffle a treat once, and he looked to Scott for permission, before taking it. We think Raffle is part Queensland Healer, but we rescued them both at the pound, so we aren't sure what all they are.

On the other hand, this black dog, Oreo, is a rascal! Every bit as smart as Raffle, Oreo looks out for number one, and only obeys if he can't help it, or if there is something in it for him. He roots around in the grass constantly while we walk through the park, and eats all the scraps he finds if I don't pull his nose away from them in time. That's why the leash that I hold goes straight to Oreo, and Raffle's leash is tied to Oreo's harness. We think Oreo is part Springer Spaniel.

I walked the dogs 2/3 of a mile yesterday, and I walked all over Costco, Wal-mart and the Goodwill Thrift Store. I maintained my weight perfectly at 145.2.

Here is what I ate yesterday:

Small piece of pepperoni pizza
Bean and cheese burrito
Cup of Fage Greek style yogurt with Special K and strawberries
Leftover baked chicken, Brussels sprouts, onion and carrots
Fuji apple (grown here in Washington) in 12 slices with 2 tablespoons peanut butter and 24 chocolate chips
Handful of peanut M&Ms

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