146.6 Glow in the Dark Mini Golf Spokane

    Last night for Scott's birthday we played glow in the dark miniature golf under black lights, with the family we usually have Bible study with on Wednesday nights. It was so much fun! Most of us didn't even know we would be under black lights, but we wore enough white that we all glowed in places and that made it fun to see each other moving around. The little girl wore sneakers with lights on them that lit up whenever she stepped and that was especially cool down there in the dark play area.

We also ate surprisingly good pizza for dinner there, played arcade games, and watched the kids climb all over apparatus that reminded me of my old Habitrail hamster cage. We got something like 500 tickets from the arcade games we played, and the kids had fun getting little toys and candy in the store ticket shop.

We brought ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for desert. Since it was a Wednesday and not yet the busy summer season, the manager let us put our ice cream cake in the freezer before dinner, and our leftover pizza in the fridge while we played miniature golf.

The glow in the dark mini golf course is 18 holes downstairs under the restaurant and arcade. It is open year round. We could tell it originally was just a regular miniature golf course, and we applaud whoever thought of painting it with glow in the dark paint. What a great idea!

The place is Wonderland Golf and Games 10515 North Division Street, Spokane, WA 99218 (509) 468-4386. They have outdoor mini golf, too, and lazer tag. In summer they also have a batting cage, go carts and bumper boats.

I lost .2 pounds yesterday, even eating pizza and ice cream cake! I walked 3 miles with the kids at school. Here is everything I ate:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
Bean and cheese burrito with salsa
Whole dinner plate of Wonderland pizza - supreme and taco varieties
Two glasses of lemonade
Lots of ice cream cake -- mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream

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