147.0 Prefer Substitute Teaching

This is what I am teaching in today. Yeah, I pulled my hair around just for this picture, so that you can see I have hair. Most of the time, my pony tail hangs straight down my back and you can't see it in the pictures. One of the students said yesterday, "You cut your hair!" So, some kids do see substitute teachers as people. Not many, but some do.

The students didn't cook yesterday, so I have no excuse for the .4 pounds I gained. However, I am still inside my weight loss goal of 145 to 149.9. One of the classes will be making Snickerdoodle cookies tomorrow, so I had best take it easy on the calories today. Three of the other classes will be making international dishes on Monday, and my assignment might continue into Monday.

One of the reasons I prefer substitute teaching is planning. The regular teacher has to plan all the lessons and how to grade them and what materials need to be ready when and how to explain all this to the students. That is my least favorite part of teaching. I like interacting with the students, the actual teaching part. My second least favorite part of a teacher's job is recording grades in the computer and printing out all the reports.

With this week-long assignment, I find myself planning out when materials need to be photocopied by and how and when I will announce things to the students -- in short I am participating in the planning. I am doing this on the phone with the regular teacher, rather than in written notes, and that is much more pleasant.

I don't mean to complain, though. I think complaining is the least productive thing anyone can do. I feel very blessed to have work that I enjoy. The other Family and Consumer Science teachers at this high school always ask me if I need any help, too. Their support is wonderful and makes all the difference.

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