145.0 Cliff in Dark Shadows and Return of the King

My butt used to get stuck in these lawn chairs! That was one of the first things that made me realize I was fat. Believe it or not, I lived in denial of being fat for years. I never wanted pictures taken, because subconsciously I knew that if I saw myself in pictures, I would have to face facts.

The photo on the top was taken last summer, after I had been dieting for three months. At 220 and a size 18, I thought I was an OK weight, at the time. When we got home and I saw the pictures, my resolve to slim down to 145 and a size 8. That is where I am today, in the bottom photo.

I saw the Tim Burton / Johnny Depp movie "Dark Shadows" in the theater yesterday. It was silly. The only parts I liked about it were the 1972 setting and the in-jokes about the "Lord of the Rings" movie "Return of the King." I was 9 in 1972, and I loved seeing Victoria's white tights and flip hairdo, not to mention all the cool clothes Michelle Pfeiffer's character wears.

Coincidentally, we had just been watching "Return of the King" the night before I Saw "Dark Shadows." The large prop used for the helicopter pad type cliff in Minas Tirith is the same large prop used for the widow's leap hill in "Dark Shadows." The shape of that cliff is very distinctive, and even though they dressed it completely differently, the shape remains the same. I might not have noticed, had I not just been watching "Return of the King" the night before.

I walked my dog a mile yesterday and shopped for about an hour. I lost .2 pounds. Here is what I ate:

2 Fuji Apples with peanut butter and chocolate chips
Dinner plate full of leftover cheese pizza
Bean and cheese burrito with salsa

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