146.8 Last Hair Rant

I have decided I don't like the feel of the hardened mousse in my hair, at least not for everyday wear. I washed it all out this morning and conditioned my hair. Here I am with it wet again, right after washing. I will let it air dry with just the conditioner in it and see what happens.

I seriously never experimented with my hair like this when I was younger. I had perms a lot of the time, for one. What a waste that was. My hair is already just curly enough. Oh well. The other part of the time I was into the blow-dry style craze of the late 70s and early 80s.

Then, about 10 years ago I got a layered hair cut. It looked great for the first year or so, but I kept getting it re-layered in hopes it would look as it had before, and it just kept getting thinner and thinner at the ends as it grew longer. You saw the result in my recent pictures.

OK, that is probably enough about my hair for this year.

I gained 2.4 pounds yesterday! I needed to gain .6, as I was under my weight loss goal of 145 to 149.9. I baked a cake and ate half of it. The mix had been in our pantry since last spring. It was a funfetti cake mix. I walked the dogs a mile in the park. Here is everything I ate:

2 Fuji apples with peanut butter and chocolate chips
Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and soy milk
2 pieces of toast with peanut butter
Beef and bean burrito with salsa
Baked chicken, carrots and Brussels sprouts
Half an un-frosted cake with 4 cups of strawberries


  1. Wow, you look great! What an inspiration. I need to do this...

  2. You CAN do this, Elle! Skip to days when I lost the most weight, and copy what I did. Don't leave out the walking part. (Or, play rugby! :P)

    Thanks for saying I look great. :)


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