146.6 Car Hood Reflection Photo

I was going to blow this picture of me and Oreo up more so you could see the expressions on our faces, but look! My car hood reflects us and the trees behind us as if there is a lake in my front yard! I liked this so much I had to keep it in the picture. So there you go.

It's also odd how the sky is uniformly white in this photo. That is just how it was. I didn't doctor it at all. It rained about an hour after I took this picture, but at the time it was dry and overcast. This is Spokane, after all, "land of all four seasons in one day."

I took this picture yesterday. In May. It was 67 degrees out by the thermometer, but the wind was blowing at 10 - 21 mph. The cold wind was blowing, I should say. I wished I had gloves on for the first half of our walk. Then the sun came out and it was comfortable. And then it rained.

These are my other pair of size 8 skinny jeans, other than my Levi's 505s. 

I walked a mile yesterday and gained .2 pounds, which is OK. I am still at my goal weight of 145 to 149.9. Here is what I ate yesterday:

Sliced Fuji apple with 2 tablespoons peanut butter and 12 chocolate chips
3 slices of Costco combo pizza
2 more slices of Costco combo pizza
Sliced Fuji apple with 2 tablespoons peanut butter and 12 chocolate chips
Handful of peanut M&Ms


  1. Cherise, I just read through your entire blog -- reason being I just started the Scarsdale Diet this week after being on it a few times in the early '80s. It worked like a charm then and it seems to be now. I am doing exactly as he had written it and you were more creative, I see, with fantastic results! I'm so inspired. I'm in my mid 50's now and just hoping this works. I've tried a few and been up and down 30 lbs the last few years of midlife fat! Ahhh! This diet was always best for me. You seem to cut fruit way back where Dr. T allows for whole meals of fruit? What do you think about that?
    Thanks for this great blog -- I'm loving it.

  2. Thanks for getting in touch, Maggie. It really feels good when people tell me my experience inspires them. That is what this blog is all about!

    I cut fruit way back when I am trying to lose weight -- because I don't lose weight when I eat more than just the little fruit I have with breakfast. Simple as that. I never lose if I eat that fruit salad and cottage cheese lunch Dr. Tarnower said he had every day, for example. Never.

  3. Well that's very interesting about the fruit salad day for you. I did lose a lot of weight in my twenties eating a monster fruit salad almost every day for lunch and I seem to be losing now in my 50's doing the same thing -- so we'll see if I slow eating the fruit more than if I do protein and vegs. I probably like cheese more than you do so I do the cheese day as well which you didn't seem to do. I hope I don't have to cut that out as well. My mom in her 70's -- I just put her on it and I hope she does well with it. I think it's the best diet out there - -I could never lose on Atkins or I couldn't wait a month for any movement downwards! I'll read your blog every day -- thanks for being there! -- Maggie :)


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