Styling Products for Long Hair that is Fine and Wavy?

I forgot to weigh in this morning. Oops. Do any of you know of any Hair styling products that would help my long and wavy but very fine hair look like this after it dries? I love how my hair looks after I condition it and partly dry it but before I brush it.

None of the syling products I have tried could keep each wave separated yet be light enough to not pull the waves out of my incredibly limp fine hair. Should I just hairspray it while it is damp like this? That is actually something I have not tried.

I am substitute teaching today, in English. They are reading Romeo and Juliet. It should be fun. Scott is working this evening (Yay!), so he is dropping me off at the school and then I get to take two city buses home. I would walk the 5 miles if I hadn't just been sick. Best to take it easy one more day, I think. I will end up walking almost a mile, even taking the bus.

Here is what I ate yesterday, taking it easy on the sodium:

Small bowl of Special K, strawberries and organic soy milk
2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and jam
Waffle cone with one scoop of butter pecan at Baskin Robbins while Scott ordered his ice cream birthday cake
Leftover baked chicken, onion and carrots

My hair has just enough curl and is fine and light enough that it doesn't look good brushed. I have to straighten it if I want to wear it plain old down and brushed. There are other pictures here on my blog of what happens if I just let it down. It all flies away in different directions. I love how it looks in this picture: each wave separated into a distinct tendril and all of it staying down against my back. How can I get it to stay like that all day?

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  1. When your hair is damp like that, put a little olive oil or jojoba oil on your finger tips and comb through your hair. Use just a few drops or your hair will look greasy. The oil will help define the waves. Pretty! ~Angela


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