147 I Might Be in a Movie!

 Oreo and Raffle and I were on our daily constitutional walk in the park yesterday when I noticed there was a sign taped to one of the trees:

"Crowd Notice / Release

"Please be aware that by entering... area, you consent to your voice... likeness being used without compensation in films and tape... exploitation in any and all... whether now known or here... Devised and you release the... of Meet Twitchy, Twitchy's Twisted Tales... successors, assigns and... from any liability of account... usage. If you do not wish to be... to the foregoing, do not enter... area."

I put in the ... wherever the duct tape that held the sign to the tree covered up what it said. The gist is that someone was doing production work on a film called Meet Twitchy, Twitchy's Twisted Tales there in my neighborhood's public park--

 and by wandering through the area I might be in the film.

Wow. Wandering into a movie set here in Washington State is apparently a lot easier than where I was a liability claims adjuster, in Southern California. There, everyone is law suit happy. This one sign taped to one tree would never be considered enough notice to release liability, especially on a Saturday in a public park where children are present.

I had gone two laps around the park before I even noticed this sign. Once I noticed the sign, the group of people gathered around the restrooms made a lot more sense and I sneaked a photo of them from across the park. I figured turnabout was fair play: if their sign waived their need to ask me for permission to take my photo, then it must waive my need to ask their permission to take their photo, too?
I used the zoom on my digital camera and took this photo of them from a good 100 yards away, balancing the camera on the rail of a chain link fence for stability. I felt like paparazzi! When I got home and uploaded the photos I saw the one guy on the right in the red was looking at me. He was apparently the only one who noticed what I was doing.
Anyway, if I am in this movie, this is what I will look like. Wearing plaid shorts and a pink T shirt with a black purse over my shoulder and my two dogs in tow. I had my sleeves pushed up so that I wouldn't get tan lines, though. That probably looks kind of dorky.

I Googled Meet Twitchy, Twitchy's Twisted Tales. No results came up. I don't know who these people are or where or when this film / TV show / cartoon / what have you might appear.

I walked two miles yesterday. I gained two pounds, but I am at my weight-loss goal of 145 to 149.9. Here is what I ate yesterday:

Bean and cheese burrito with salsa
Fuji apple with 2 tablespoons peanut butter and 24 chocolate chips
Can of Cattle Drive chili, 5 slices of American cheese, cup of corn tortilla chips
Late night eating while reading a novel (not recommended!):
Another Fuji apple with 2 tablespoons peanut butter and 24 chocolate chips
Two slices of toasted wheat bread with peanut butter and Smucker's strawberry jam

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  1. Thanks for plugging our TV Pilot! If it makes you feel at ease, I don't recognize you in any of the footage.
    The sign, is a fail safe method type of thing. We had the park that day and we didn't want to have to stop shooting for anyone passing through. Think of if a big Hollywood production was shooting in Central Park...there isn't enough time to go looking for people who wander through. The sign warns those who pass through so they can not come back at the production company years later and sue for compensation. We had a permit and everything. For the record there were 4 signs total. Also the sign came from the Washing state equivalent of the film board. That's why we shot in Spokane Valley instead of Spokane.

    As for shooting with kids present, most of the kids were a part of the production. Their parents were there, but this doesn't really concern you.

    I congratulate you on your weight loss!

    We took good care of the park, even took more trash with us then when we got there.

    As for Googling us, try Twitchy's Twisted Tales. That's how I found this web page. Or if you use Facebook, search for us there. Your dogs are gorgeous!

  2. It's very cool of you to respond, Ray! Yeah, I understand the signs. I just was commenting that it is much easier to film here in Washington than it is in California. Maybe more film companies should come here to WA! :)

  3. It is always interesting to find something like this happening in your own area.

  4. How cool is that. I got to see them setup a set here in Hamilton, ON. but didn't get to be part of the filming as I couldn't stick around. Watching the actors made me realize I could never dow hat they do =).

  5. Washington brought back the tax incentives so hoping bigger projects come back here!

    I love the group photo, only wish we had turned around. LOL.

  6. Cherise, you need not ever worry about taking a photo. It's USE of a photo that can get you in trouble, depending on how you are using it. Legally, though, you can take a photo of anything you can see from any point where you are legally to be. They had a DMC12 at the Fremont St. Experience last year and I took tons of pictures of it with my phone, even though they had a big sign that said "NO PHOTOGRAPHS!", when the attendant approached me about it I pointed out my rights and he just nodded and walked away. ;)

  7. Publishing photos of children can get said children in trouble, though.

  8. Wow that is pretty awesome and GREAT job on your weight loss!!!


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